Step inside the Herb Bar and savor the wonderful smells and sights that greet your senses—an oasis of earthly delights.

The Herb Bar is an Austin original since 1986, and a haven for healing since 1995 when new owner Twila Dawn Willis added an extensive array of natural health and body care products—many of them of her own creation.

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We are open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 6:30pm.

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Emails from our wonderful customers:

On November 13th I came to your shop for the first time. I was helped by the very wonderful Evie. After telling her about my breathing problems and what's been done already she suggested two herbs. While I was deciding on which to buy she also mentioned that I might want to start with a product called Chlor-Oxygen. I bought the tea and the Chlor-Oxygen. That evening I took the first of the Chlor-Oxygen tablets and felt a difference in about an hour. I thought maybe I was just imagining it working so quickly but thought I'd not take my prescription meds for the breathing and try Chlor-Oxygen for a week. I'm very happy to say that my breathing is 90% better. I still have shortness of breath when climbing stairs but I recover in 30 seconds or less. While I was researching Chlor-Oxygen I found only one negative and the person wrote it didn't work for them. (Well, no medicine works for everybody so I took it with a grain of salt.) The websites I checked, WebMd and Mayo Clinic said that there were no side effects found to date nor was there any recorded bad interactions with other prescription medicines. The websites suggested that you tell your doctor that you're using the Chlor-Oxygen. So after a week, I told my doctor how it helped and he said he was glad to hear it and to stick with it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

One more thing, Evie was very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. She gave the suggestions for what my problem was and did not try to push anything on me to buy. I truly appreciate when someone is helpful and lets me make my own decisions while at the same time sharing their knowledge. As one of your other customers wrote on your website - all of you should get a rose now while you're alive for the wonderful work and care you show for your customers.

Thank you so much. I will definitely return and spread the word about your fantastic customer service.

Patricia C.

I was in today with allergy/sinus issues. You helped me pick out some tea and other products. The Austin Zinger and Yerba Santa teas opened my sinuses within 15 minutes of drinking it and several hours later they are still open. Thanks so much.

Vickie S.

To whom it may concern,

Today I ordered a wopping $134 worth of items from the Herb Bar. I was assisted by Jenny. I believe that for good service, a rose should be given while the person is alive, and not simply on their grave. I was very pleased with the knowledge that Jenny showed as an employee. I visited the Herb Bar back in April 2012 and have from that point decided to give all my business to the Herb Bar for their exceptional knowledge, patience, and courtesy. Thank you. Please continue performing at this level.


Charles in San Angelo, TX


i want to tell you what a wonderful experience i had in your shop yesterday. it was my first visit, and i was met with helpful, knowledgeable people, happy to look up a question, make suggestions, and listen. in particular, i want to tell you that jeffrey, georgia, and ruth are terrific! they made my first visit productive, and made sure i was purchasing extracts and teas that are complimentary. each of them worked with me, with one coming back with a suggestion after thinking on my concerns, showing me reference books to make sure i understood what i was buying, and generally having sweet, open, friendly dispositions. no one was pushy in the least. you had a steady stream of customers, many who were greeted by name and were obviously repeat customers. i liked what i learned, and will certainly be back. what a great place- welcoming, calm, informative, helpful, kind. thank you.

best to you, jeffrey, georgia, and ruth!


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