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Saturday Natural Talks ~ 10:30am
Spring 2018

leafApril 7th ~ Chocolate Pharmacy + Tasting

Learn how easy it is to make your own raw chocolate! Accommodate food sensitivities, use your favorite flavors, and even incorporate spices to make delicious, healthy chocolate for gifts or to stock your own pantry. *This is not a hands-on workshop - we will not be making chocolate at the talk. There will be Chocolate Pharmacy "Base Note" (organic, raw, paleo-certified, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free dark chocolate) truffles, "Love Potion" (Base Note chocolate with added spices) truffles and several chocolate drinking mixes will be available at the event for tasting and for purchase.

Amy Pancake

leafApril 14th ~ Start With Your Heart

In this talk, Nourishment Coach Laura Wall will explain how tuning into the inherent power of our heart-centered emotions can lead to greater self-love. You will learn how your body and mind work together to communicate and guide you to your best and higher self. Laura will also demonstrate how to use her Daily Heart Affirmations card deck as a tool for greater awareness of one's intuition and as a pathway to self-discovery.  Laura is a certified personal trainer, certified nutrition coach and spiritual teacher who uses her knowledge and gifts to coach holistically. She is also an artist, writer,  and speaker who loves sharing her knowledge to empower others to live authentically, embrace their superpowers and chase their joy!

Laura Wall

leafApril 21st ~ Wildcrafting 101 + Plant Walk

Wildcrafting is a term that we have been hearing more and more of in this exciting time of re-empowerment for the plant and human connection. In this talk we will delve into what wildcrafting means, history, ethics and how wildcrafting impacts ecosystems.  Afterwards we'll have a Q & A to answer questions we commonly hear in apothecaries such as: "Are these plants all wildcrafted?" "Are wild plants more potent?", etc.  We'll then have a plant walk around the grounds of The Herb Bar!  Dani is an employee of The Herb Bar and local herbalist who has a special love for bioregional plant knowledge and stewardship. Through community education, workshops, & action she works to restore native plants in Texas and encourage the role of earth stewardship.  Native seed give-away, while supplies last! 

Dani Pele

leafApril 28th ~ EFT - A Powerful Tool for Healing and Transformation

Merrily will be teaching and demonstrating EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which is also known as Tapping. EFT is a universal healing tool that is highly effective in neutralizing physical, emotional, and mental blocks and trauma. This clearing process allows for new space to receive positive replacement programs and a new vision of what is possible in an easy and rapid transformation. No previous experience necessary.  Merrily Garrett is an Austin Vocal Coach and Astrologer and has been practicing EFT for 20 years.

Merrily Garrett

leafMay 5th ~ Healing the Soul with Past Life Regression

Are you curious about how past life imprints connect with current issues in your life? Why certain thoughts/unsettled emotional patterns/physical ailments repeat in your life? Are you seeking more grounded presence in the Now? This is a presentation you won't want to miss!  Deep Memory Process (DMP) is a therapeutic pastlife-regression technique that combines Jungian active imagination therapy, bodywork from William Reich, psychodrama and shamanic journeying, all for the purpose of soul retrieval. DMP is an experiential process, unlike regression techniques which are limited to reviewing past lives in an observational manner. Lynn Carroll-Rivera, an Austin-based Deep Memory Process Certified Practitioner and Astrologer.

Lynn Carroll Rivera

leafMay 12th ~ Sound Bath Meditation

Come join Everitt and experience the powerful healing tools of Tibetan Singing Bowls and Gongs. Revitalize and renew your body through a magical sound bath designed to promote rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit as you experience complete relaxation and harmony from within.  Wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat or blanket if you would like to sit on the ground.  Chairs will be provided as well.

Everitt Allen

leafMay 19th ~ An Introduction to the Principles of Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy is a very comprehensive system of energy balancing brought to us by Dr. Randolph Stone, DO., ND., (1890 to 1981).  It involves body/energy work, including the concept of CranioSacral, verbal communication, sound, movement and nutrition, all based on the Five Elements of Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. The science of Astrology is considered and used in relation to these Elements and the Chakra system. Come learn from Heather Joyce Wolfe who trained as an RN in Ireland, her native country, and in Polarity Therapy in 1982/3 in Boston, MA. Her focus is on helping people realize their highest potential in connection to Source with as much ease, grace and humor as possible.

Heather Wolfe 

leafMay 26th ~ Abundant Health Qigong

International Qigong Leader, Beth Misner, will lead you in exploring this profound Chinese energy-healing practice. Learn qigong meditation, a simple qigong practice form, and experience qigong healing. Beth will give a short talk to cover the principles of qigong, then you will participate in the application of these principles. Come comfortably dressed, and bring a yoga mat (some mats will also be provided). This session is particularly beneficial for those experiencing high levels of stress in life, and for those with health concerns. Email Beth for questions or comments. Join Beth's Facebook qigong group, Abundant Health Qigong.

Beth Misner 

leafJune 2nd ~ No talk today

leafJune 9th ~ Bowen Technique Introduction

Who am I?  Have you ever asked yourself that question? If you have be thankful for this is the first shovelful of earth that you will remove to start uncovering the treasure inside of you, the treasure that is you!  After a prompting from my partner and best friend urging me to "go find myself" I learned that reconnecting to my body was the first step in truly knowing myself and finding my soul's work.  Come learn about the Bowen Technique and how it can help reconnect you to yourself. With just a few gentle procedures, you can start to experience and feel reconnected to your body, mind and spirit.

Lynna Foster

leafJune 16th ~ How Do We Heal?

Do you find yourself in the same kinds of frustrating jobs, unfulfilling relationships, and arguments, etc? Do you find that no matter how clear your intention, you cannot seem to get unstuck? And, what do these situations cost you – vitality, money, career success, authenticity, freedom, self-expression, intimacy and loving connection?  Come learn about Resonance Repatterning.  It can allow you to identify and resolve those issues truly stopping you and uncover the most valuable issue to heal now.  Give yourself the opportunity to have a life you truly love. Mary is an ordained minister in private practice for the past 18 years teaching others how to use Resonance Repatterning to change their lives.

Rev. Mary Schneider

leafJune 23rd ~ Waking Up to our Colorful World: How to Use Color in the Everyday for Flow, Harmony & Replenishment

Color saved my life. Literally. While sick and undiagnosed for four years, I craved colorful food, began making really vibrant art, and traveled to vibrant holistic countries (New Zealand, Australia, India, and Bali). I was finally diagnosed by a functional MD doctor in Austin with black mold poisoning. Inspired by my life-changing personal experience with the body-mind-spirit transformative effects of color, I became a certified color practitioner where I now hold space for color therapy sessions. Color is a powerful tool to stimulate energy flow in the body-mind-spirit. Developing a relationship with color reconnects us with our inner voice. I want to teach you how to really perceive color at not only a physical level but a mental/emotional/spiritual one, as well. Color can be used to detox, nourish and rebalance our energy.

Christina Dietz

leafJune 30th ~ Transform Your Karma with Past Life Regression

Karma is neither a punishment, nor a life sentence.  It is unresolved energy, aka "baggage", that we carry from the past.  Karma affects our relationships, our actions and our patterns of behavior.  You are not a puppet of your karma; you can become conscious of it and transform it using past life regression.  Come learn how this powerful tool for healing, growth and self-awareness can improve your life.

Tianna Roser