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Saturday Natural Talks ~ 10:30am
Spring 2017

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leafApril 1st ~ Shamanic Astrology

The planets love to channel through us and co-create! Learn how to connect with the celestial sphere to assist you in manifesting your dreams and desires. Lynn is a Hay House Certified Angel Card Reader with over 40 years of experience in tarot interpretation and astrological training.

Lynn Carroll-Rivera, Astrologer

leafApril 8th ~ Leaky Gut Syndrome: The Link Between Inflammation and Epigenetics

You will leave with an understanding of Leaky Gut Syndrome, possible causes, and the role that systemic inflammation plays in chronic and common unresolved health issues. In addition, you will be introduced to the progressive, scientific approach of epigenetics and its connection to new, highly effective approaches for restoring gut health, increasing the body's ability for detoxification and moving toward and maintaining optimal wellness.

Dr. Elena Villanueva Infinity Wellness Center

leafApril 15th ~ Gemmotherapy for Everyone under your Roof

Gemmotherapy is an emerging natural medicine, comparable to Homeopathy. Different from herbal remedies that use parts of the mature plant, Gemmotherapy extracts are made from the germinating parts of trees and shrubs. It has a multi-level effect on the body and can be used for nearly all conditions- acute and chronic- as it drains, nourishes, repairs and produces regeneration. Learn how Gemmotherapy extracts can resolve acute symptoms for everyone under your roof from babies to elderly to pets! Join Lauren Hubele, Austin Homeopath and author of Gemmotherapy for Everyone.

Lauren Hubele

leafApril 22nd ~ How Diet and Herbs Can Help Manage Inflammatory Skin Conditions

Are you or your children constantly battling red, rashy, itchy skin? Diet, lifestyle, and general health play a big role in how our inner health affects the outward appearance of our skin. Come learn which foods are common triggers and how herbs commonly used in traditional medicine can help alleviate the flaking, scaling and itching associated with dermatitis, eczema, and even poison oak and ivy. Hosted by Harmony Herbal, makers of the Skin Therapy™ line of herbal supplements and topicals.

Michelle Rovner, CEO, Harmony Herbal

leafApril 29th ~ Brilliant Brains

Most people don't think twice about taking care of their teeth on a regular basis by seeing a dentist. How many of us provide the same level of care for our brains? We have an epidemic of poor brain health in America, where few people are addressing the problem and even fewer are providing the solution. Learn how to minimize the damaging effects on the brain from our current culture and what we can do optimize our brains. 9 out of 10 of the top leading causes of death in America are a direct result of stress. If we can't adapt to stress, we get sick and develop disease. Healthy brains can ADAPT to stress, while unhealthy brains have a harder time doing so. If you keep your brain healthy, then you will be healthy!

Dr. Trevor Colm

leafMay 6th ~ Plant Based Color Therapy

Sometimes energy pathways can get blocked, leaving us unbalanced, sick, uninspired, or out of touch with ourselves. At a physics level, we are beings of vibrating light particles, and color is light. Given the chance, we can use our body's innate wisdom and intelligence to move stuck energy, clear patterns, and restructure our energy with the help of natural plant- based color. Using Aura-soma, a color therapy of 114 equilibrium bottles, you choose what color therapy you need. Come check out these groovy, enlightening bottles to help lift your vibe.

Christina Dietz, Instagram: GoneKiwiPickin,

leafMay 13th ~ Family Constellations = Time Wizardry - Change the timeline of your past to change your present and future.

Discover the remarkably powerful process of Hellinger's Family Constellations. Here we can relieve the shocks in family history—even unknown events—that are often carried for generations, causing various levels of life complications for descendants. Family constellations etherically "wipe the slate clean," allowing you to move forward without fallout from family history. This process seems to be addressing the quantum field, allowing us to change the timeline in which we live the rest of our lives. By modifying past events we are no longer dysfunctionally affected by them, and our lives can be freer, happier, healthier, and more authentic. Come discover this process. Learn how others' lives have shifted and experience a small demonstration (volunteer from the group) of how the process works.

Anne Beversdorf has been a facilitator for Family Constellations since 2000 and continues to host Constellational healings almost monthly. She makes her living as a counseling astrologer, using Vedic and Western astrology. Anne lives in North Austin with her Mal Shi pup, Toby.

Anne Beversdorf

leafMay 20th ~ Meet your belly! An exploration of the Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage

We will discuss the origins and application of this bodywork modality for your digestive and reproductive health. Developed by Don Elijio Panti and Rosita Arvigo (with the wisdom of many others) who combined traditional Mayan healing practices with modern language and knowledge to create a system to clear the core of congestion and allow nature to flow, optimizing health and function. Whether the focus is on balancing the uterus to improve the menstrual cycle for health and fertility; reducing lymphatic congestion and increasing blood flow around the digestive system to reduce inflammation; or restoring health after a traumatic childbirth, abortion or surgery; attention to this complex and vulnerable area of the body can facilitate a profound shift. Bring your questions to help create the information flow!

Rachael Wilder, LMT

leafMay 27th ~ Invoking Gaia, Devas & Elementals to supercharge your Essential Oils, Incense,
Herbs & Crystals

Call in the Deva & Elementals with Mother Earth to get the most from the natural ingredients in your Essential Oils, Incense, Herbs & Crystals. They have higher guidance guardians that you can request for more spiritual and energetic benefits, assistance, and information from these spiritual tools!

Rev Michael Zarchian

leafJune 3rd ~ Reiki Energy Work and the Power of Gratitude

Learn about Reiki, the universal power of love and how energy work can help increase your happiness. Learn how the power of gratitude can change your perception and increase fulfillment in life. Heidi has been practicing Hatha Yoga for over 18 years, is a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher, has received Shamanic Healing Rites, and is a Reiki Master. Heidi enjoys helping humans and animals by assisting in restoring and energizing their Body and Spirit using tools including Reiki and energy work, Yoga, Aromatherapy, Oracle Card Readings, and Nutritional Information and Support.

Heidi Carlin

leafJune 10th ~ Acupuncture Explained

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AOM) came to America's awareness 45 years ago. Today only 6% of the American population benefits from this natural healing. Why are the numbers so low? The typical reasons are: fear of the unknown, fear of needles, and not understanding how the medicine works. The World Health Organization classifies more than 150 conditions which can be treated successfully with acupuncture. This talk will demystify this ancient healing art, and Sophia will answer your questions on how you can benefit from AOM.

Sophia Andras, LAc

leafJune 17th ~ Sinus Washing with Nasopure

The Herb Bar's own Jenny Oakwalker will talk about nasal saline rinsing. She will demonstrate the NasoPure system and will compare it to the traditional neti pot. Jenny will discuss the history of neti pots and hopefully you will learn some things you didn't know about your sinuses and dispel fears of purposefully putting water up your nose. The first 15 attendees will receive a free NasoPure bottle with the purchase of The Herb Bar's Sinus Salts.

Jenny Oakwalker The Herb Bar

leafJune 24th ~ Exploring your Psychic Abilities with Charlotte of Charlotte's Insights

Finally, it is here! The opportunity to delve into what you've known all along but didn't know how to explore! A lively discussion of ways to explore individual psychic abilities. A variety of tools as well as tarot cards will be used to enhance our knowledge and tune in to our abilities. Attendees will also receive insights to facilitate psychic protection in our ever- increasing urban environment. Afterward, you can sign up with Charlotte for individual readings.

Charlotte Craig