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Also on Saturdays - Jenny Hill: Chair Massage, Reiki, and Stress Relief
2nd Saturdays - Charlotte's Insights: Psychic and Tarot
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leafApril 6th ~ EFT – Tapping for Abundance

Using Tapping, we will work through thoughts, feelings or beliefs we have that limit our experience of abundance. We will also tap in new beliefs that support our experience of infinite potential, the truth of who we really are. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), which is also known as Tapping, is a universal healing tool that is highly effective in neutralizing physical, emotional, and mental blocks and trauma. This clearing process allows for new space to receive positive replacement programs and a new vision of what is possible in an easy and rapid transformation.

Merrily Garrett

leafApril 13th ~ Shift Your Energy & Create Abundance: Using Numerology & Abundance Codes To Up-Level Your Life

Join Amanda Rieger Green, author of Numerology For Your Home: Using Abundance Codes to Shift Your Life, as she inspires you to create an abundant environment using numbers for your healing and personal development, as well as for fulfillment of your dreams and desires. Abundance Codes are combinations of numbers and characteristics that symbolize specific vibrational frequencies that guide us in understanding how we may be limiting our experience, while also allowing us to tap into something much greater—a way of being more freely engaged in our own human and spiritual existence.

Amanda Rieger Green

leafApril 20th ~ Reversing Illness with Food

The Good Food Fighter is Austin's Food Superhero! She is committed to saving the world from toxins in the food supply, one ingredient at a time. Nina will discuss the link between many Western diseases and diet. She will then explain how these same diseases can be improved or even reversed through careful and deliberate food choices and through detoxifying the body. You are either eating towards disease or away from it, and there is so much to learn about how to protect your body. Check out the Good Food Fighter's website,, which includes her comic strip, a blog, recipes, and resources.

Nina Miller

leafApril 27th ~ The Science of Mantra & Introduction to Vedic Knowledge

Join us and dive deep into the timeless ocean of Vedic knowledge which originates from ancient India. This will include us looking into the different layers of sound, and examining what is mantra, and how we can utilize mantra to bring perfection and fulfillment into our life. Through the power of mantra, we can stabilize the fluctuations of the flickering mind, purify life times of karma, and give true satisfaction to the soul. We will also give an introduction to some of the fundamental teachings which are presented in Vedic texts and how to integrate them into your life.

Acyuta Krsna das

leafMay 4th ~ Use Your Sixth Sense Like a Professional Intuitive

Regular contributor and professional intuitive Tanya Carroll Richardson talks about the four clairs or main psychic pathways—clairaudience (hearing intuitive guidance), clairvoyance (seeing intuitive guidance), claircognizance (knowing intuitive guidance), and clairsentience (feeling intuitive guidance). She'll share some of the 11 magical ways that Spirit sends you information as well as discuss how highly sensitive and empathic people can honor and manage their sensitivity. Tanya is an angel expert and will be signing copies of her new book, Angel Intuition: A Psychic's Guide to the Language of Angels. Her other books include Zen Teen, Forever in My Heart: A Grief Journal, Angel Insights and Heaven on Earth.

Tanya Richardson

leafMay 11th ~ Wildcrafting 101 + Plant Walk

Wildcrafting is a term that we have been hearing more and more of in this exciting time of re-empowerment for the plant and human connection. In this talk we will delve into, what wild crafting means, how it impacts ecosystems, some history, and ethics of. There will be a Q & A to answer questions we commonly hear in apothecaries: "Are these plants all wildcrafted?" "Are wild plants more potent?" We'll move to a plant walk around the grounds of The Herb Bar. Native seed give away, while supplies last! Dani is an employee of The Herb Bar and local herbalist who has a special love for bio regional plant knowledge and stewardship. Through community education, workshops, & action they work to restore native plants in Texas and encourage the role of earth stewardship.

Dani Pele

leafMay 18th ~ Loving Your Body Healthy

Jennifer Barnes is a Fitness Intuitive who bridges the practices of Meditation, Breathwork and Movement with Energetic Healing. We will discuss why grounding is so important for health, as well as ways to start listening and communicating with the body in order to make the necessary food, exercise and supplement choices for creating Perfect Divine Health. We will also be talking about how powerful our minds are and ways to tap into that Power to create a life of joy, health and vitality.

Jennifer Barnes

leafMay 25th ~ Diamond Astrology: A Key to Discovering Your Essential Self

Diamond Astrology takes us into 5D perception to look at the Essential Self - a cosmic identity we bring to this life which is not conditioned by the outside world or ancestral line but rather a knowledge and wisdom we are born with and must look within to cultivate and give birth to in the world. Join Austin Astrologer, Lynn Carroll-Rivera, for an introduction to the Metaphysical Luminaries found in this new astrological paradigm of the Aquarian Age.

Lynn Carroll-Rivera

leafJune 1dt ~ Nourish your skin with nature's bounty: a guide to all natural skin care

In this lecture, I'll discuss the lack of regulation in beauty and skin care products, and the benefits of using natural ingredients instead. In my esthetician practice, I use fruits, vegetables, herbs and clays to make exfoliants and masks instead of skin care lines that test on animals, cause cancer, and lead to more skin care problems. I'll outline a few natural alternatives to well known products, and discuss where you can find naturally occurring acids and vitamins in things like apples, maca root, green tea, turmeric and papaya.

Laura Sanders

leafJune 8th ~ Reiki is My Super Power: How to Transform and Heal Yourself with Energy

Remember how everything seemed magical when we were kids? If life sometimes feels draining or overwhelming, why not rediscover that childlike wonder and joy again? Learn how utilizing Reiki energy heals and transforms effortlessly. Reiki does all the work for us! The best part is that Reiki is simple to learn and available to everyone. Everything is energy, so connecting to this infinite supply of universal life energy can help us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. What could be a better super power than that?

Tianna Roser

leafJune 15th ~ An Introduction to Polarity Therapy with Heather Joyce Wolfe RN, BCPP (Board Certified Polarity Practitioner)

Polarity Therapy is a very comprehensive system of holistic healing created by Dr. Randolph Stone DO, DC (1890 - 1981) based on the five elements of Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. It includes 5 Element BodyEnergy/work, CranioSacral Therapy, Chakra and Sound Healing, as well as Movement, Communication Skills and Nutritional Awareness, all aiming to balance those five elements, inside and out. The science of Astrology is also considered. Many practitioners have reported that Polarity Therapy has proved the "missing link" to integrate the many aspects of the healing arts.

Heather Joyce Wolfe, RN, BCPP

leafJune 22nd ~ Bee a Nature Creator

The air is full of smog, the land disrespected and ruined, the water polluted. What to do? We can heal it! When you bring healing, art, and nature together and we collaborate with nature creatively. What do they offer and how do we do it? Listen to the sound of the wind, feel the wind lightly on your skin, smell the scent of the flowers on the breeze. They are here to whisper in our ear, shout their beauty to our eyes, and smell to our senses. Let's treat all creation as family. My goal is to restore our relationships to the land by designing programs and activities that make threads of connection between people and the environment promoting sustainability in healing, art and gardening.

Mary Kraemer

leafJune 30th ~ Partnership with Nature: a Healing Wisdom

An invitation to pause, slow down, and attune with Nature. Listening, senses awaken. Being, we begin to notice that Nature is conscious and alive, communicating in subtle yet profound ways. Come remember your interconnection with Nature. We will explore simple ways to experience our connection within and without. All welcome. Elizabeth Quigg, founder of Sirisage, a healing sanctuary, is a skilled practitioner and teacher in a myriad of healing arts. She offers support and guidance on your journey to vibrant health and wholeness via Nature, flower essence therapy, meditation, ceremony, and intuitive contemplative healing.

Elizabeth Quigg

Saturdays, 10:30am – 11:30am 200 W Mary St 78704