Our Austin Location:

Step inside the Herb Bar and savor the wonderful smells and sights that greet your senses—an oasis of earthly delights.

Hours: Monday - Saturday. 10am-6:30pm.

The Herb Bar is an Austin original since 1986, and a haven for healing since 1995 when new owner Twila Dawn Willis added an extensive array of natural health and bodycare products—many of them of her own creation.

Come peruse our comprehensive collection of herbs in many forms: dried, tinctures, teas, essential oils, soaps, and incense. There are healing modalities, including Texas flower essences, regionally prepared sunscreens, fine hair and body care products—locally made as well as from Florida-based Aubrey Organic and the Logona line fom Germany.

Our essential oil and tea collections feature the Herb Bar's own special healing blends. Gift ideas abound, ranging from handmade cards, beeswax candles, teapots, meditation aids, to books and bottles.

But perhaps the most unique aspect of a visit to the Herb Bar is the sharing of knowledge from Twila and her staff. The Herb Bar is a beloved community resource for kindred souls in our quest for health, happiness and wholeness—offering our customers the "medicine of life."